We cater for the rich and famous to the ordinary man on street.

Hall for Hire: R5,000.00
Including : Tables , Chairs, Table Cloths, Chair Covers, Chair Tie Backs, Under Plates and all Crockery and Cutlery as well as Center Pieces!
If you want a Stage in the Hall it is R1,000.00 Extra!

Catering for Standard Bank Head Quarters Year-End-Event at Lido Hotel

Braai is a Real South African Tradition

Let us do the Braai and you enjoy your event.

Lamb Chops / Kg : R205.00

Rump Steak / Kg : R190.00

T-Bone / Kg : R120.00

Pork Chops / Kg : R95.00

Chicken Portions / Kg : R70.00

Lamb Sosatie/Kebab / Kg : R250.00

Beef Sosatie/Kebab / Kg : R155.00

Chicken Sosatie/Kebab / Kg : R100.00

Chicken Wing on Skewer / Kg : R85.00

Lamb Rib / Kg : R205.00

Pork Ribs / Kg : R95.00

Wors / Kg : R95.00

Whole Chicken Portuguese Way / Kg : R85.00

Pap : R8.00 per Serving

Cocktail Rolls : R7.00

Salads : R15.00 Per Serving

Pap Tert : R30.00 Per Serving

Gravy : R10.00 Per Serving

Chakalaka : R12.00 Per Serving


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